Our Proposition

You've always heard "Buy Low, Sell High".  Sell your home in a high priced market, and buy multiple homes in our rising markets.

Higher Returns

We analyzed 278 real estate markets across the U.S. and only invest in the best cash flowing markets.

Increase Cash Flow

In the right markets, affordable prices and lower taxes may double or triple your real estate income.

More Properties

Vacancy has less impact on profitability when you have multiple properties.

Less Headache

Nobody wants to manage their own properties.  Our professional property management team will deal with all the headaches.

Beat the Exchange Clock

The IRS sets time limits on 1031 Exchanges. Our property database allows you to source great properties within your identification period.

Recapture Tax Advantages

After 7 years, many of your tax advantages have been depleted. Recapture new tax advantages with a new property portfolio today.


Passive Income-Producing 1031 EXCHANGE PROPERTIES

We can help you exchange one property into multiple professionally managed income producing properties.

Not only are there significant tax advantages, but ROIPGM will help you exchange lower cash flowing California property into assets with dramatically increased cash flow and much higher ROI (Return On Investment).

ROI Property Group Management, LLC is not a 1031 Exchange Facilitator, rather we provide renovated properties with tenants in place that have been carefully vetted to meet the most stringent IRS guidelines to make your exchange smooth.

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Our Properties, Your Plan

Our investment councelors work closely with you to understand your goals and assemble a custom portfolio that provides passive income or meets 1031 Exchange deadlines.

Sell your California property and
accquire a portfolio of properties.

Los Angeles, CA

C+ Class Property

  • Price: $550,000
  • Rent: $2,300 mo
  • Cash Flow: $1,520 mo
  • Cash on Cash: 3%
  • *ROI: 8%

  • Annual Income: $18,000
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Example 1

B Class Properties

12 Home Portfolio

  • Avg Price: $118,000
  • Avg Rent: $1,100 mo
  • Avg Cash Flow: $200 mo
  • Avg Cash on Cash: 12%
  • Avg ROI: 29%

  • Annual Income: $28,800
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Example 2

B- Class Properties

15 Home Portfolio

  • Avg Price: $98,000
  • Avg Rent: $975 mo
  • Avg Cash Flow: $250 mo
  • Avg Cash on Cash: 14%
  • Avg ROI: 31%

  • Annual Income: $45,000
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Example 3

C+ Class Properties

18 Home Portfolio

  • Avg Price: $82,000
  • Avg Rent: $850 mo
  • Avg Cash Flow: $300 mo
  • Avg Cash on Cash: 18%
  • Avg ROI: 36%

  • Annual Income: $64,800
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Satisfied Investors

"It's not what you say you can do that counts. It's what you actually accomplish."
- Jared Garfield